curatorial/collaborative projects

Billboards and Broadsides

installation in glass enclosed gallery

Billboards and Broadsides (installation view)

wood sculpture with words

itself (with structure) Emily Feinstein and Morgan O'Hara, 2018, poplar, plywood, hinges. Nine assorted frames, original Italian letterpress on handmade Venetian paper, 72 x 38 x 49 inches (variable dimensions)

wood construction with words

itself (back)

circular shape with legs

Kenyan Flag (with structure) Emily Feinstein and Marlisa Anderson, 2018, Wood, mdf, cotton color diecast thread, foam core. Flag originally knitted 2003., 82 x 37 x 49 inches

photo on wood structure

Lines in My Eyes #7014 (with structure) Emily Feinstein and Bill Jacobson, 2018, plywood, maple and pigment prints (2016), 96 x 48 x 36 inches

view of installation

Lines in My Eyes #7219 and Kenyan Flag and itself, installation view

Billboards and Broadsides, 2018
Humanities Gallery at Long Island University, Brooklyn


Billboards and Broadsides was a curatorial experiment. I along with Matt Freedman curated the show and fabricated unique structures to support and present the artists original pieces. It was organized around the idea of a sign construed as message, omen, signal or gesture. I built three of the structures that are shown here, specifically tailoring each piece for the artist’s work. All address the present moment’s wild complexity with political and topical work that utilize some degree of graphic communication. The marriage of structure and artwork altered both the original artwork and the overall experience.